Capco’s range of ceiling and partitioning systems offers flexible options that meet the needs of both the designer and the installer.


Ceiling and partition system manufacturer, Capco, was established in 1989. The management team at the company has been in the industry for over 40 years and they have developed a reputation for innovative designs.

Capco has been able to create a unique niche through the ability to translate special design specifications of architects, designers and customers into functional products that meet these design criteria. Although developed to satisfy the requirements of the designer, Capco’s systems cater for the practical on-site problems that installers face. The result of these systems is highly functional, versatile and aesthetically pleasing results.

The company’s continued growth and success confirm that their philosophy of taking the designer’s and the installer’s needs into consideration, while always being able to maintain a complete stock of all products and product lines as well as offer a high level of customer service, is working and continues to benefit the client and the industry. Their customer service and expertise have resulted in good long-term relationships with customers, leading Capco to become the preferred supplier for many world-class projects.

Some of the unique features of Capco’s dry-walling systems include neat appearance, easy installations, low cost and the ability to easily decorate the products with wallpaper or paint.

Multiple options and choices
Choose from any of the versatile decorative and functional features:

•    Curved and splayed walls.
•    Bull-nose and splayed corners.
•    Full height doors and glazing modules.
•    Base, head, vertical and horizontal reveals.
•    Wool-pile door and glazing gaskets.
•    Various fire ratings for drywalls (from 30 minutes to two hours).
•    Range of sound attenuations (from 40db to 52 db).
•    Range of hi-wall options from 5m to 12m.

Unique features of plasterboard concealed tee system:
•    Uninterrupted monolithic appearance.
•    Adaptable configurations.
•    Ideal for curved and radiused bulkheads.
•    Artistic and creative ceiling design.
•    Ideal for lighting effects.
•    Facilitates steps, stepped bulkheads and layering.
•    Facilitates domes, barrel vaults, spirals and cones.
•    Suitable for multi-directional and differing heights in malls.
•    Allows for a variety of shadow lines and revealed features.

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