Versatile and flexible textured finishes

by Darren
Versatile and flexible

The Professional Marroca range from Plascon is now able to deliver an even broader range of colours and textures.


Design professionals are increasingly interested in applying different textures and colour combinations in their latest projects. There are several of benefits to applying textured finishes, such as the ability to solve irregular surface finishes, protect the building’s surfaces and allow for a greater scope of individual expression in building finishes.

The Plascon Professional Marroca Textured range, which was launched in September last year, offers outstanding performance and created a great amount of excitement in the paints and coatings industry. Plascon recently added a new dimension of texture, engaging the senses from a tactile and visual point of view through a complete colour and textured offering ranging from Marroca Rippled and Marroca Coarse to the new Professional Marroca Sand and Marroca Heavy Textured offerings.

Professional Marroca Rippled Textured range is ideal for high-traffic areas, offering an exceptionally tough and durable finish. Professional Marroca Course Texture is a coarse textured paint with an earthy, natural appearance. It is ideal for all weather conditions.

Professional Marroca Sand Texture is a granular, fine sand-textured exterior paint which is highly durable and weather-resistant. This paint has a matt finish that covers hairline cracks and maintains its colour for longer.

The new Professional Marroca Heavy Texture is available in a 1mm and 2mm offering. This scratch-textured coating is applied by trowel in a random or striated pattern to interior or exterior walls to deliver a decorative matt finish.

The Professional Marroca range from Plascon is now able to deliver an even broader range of colours and textures, giving design professionals the freedom to create practically any decorative finish. The project carries the Plascon ECOKIND™ logo, making it a good option for any green building project.

Decorative and protective, these specialist coatings can be applied by brush, roller or trowel to get the finish you choose, from fine, medium and heavy textures.

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