FINfloor has been one of our country’s most recognised and respected flooring suppliers for the past 25 years. Their proven track record and expertise has seen them launch some of the most iconic flooring products, such as Diamond Core vinyl and Black Forest laminate. Coupled with their dedication to professionalism and creating high-quality products, FINfloor have created the first 4-sided bevel edge planks, the most authentic wood-like vinyl flooring to date.

When it comes to transforming the look of one’s home, Vinyl floors provide all the style and elegance of hardwood while being durable enough to use throughout the home.

In fact, vinyl products are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties, owning to their incredible durability, waterproofing and endless design options that range from a natural wood or timber look to more recent designs that include mosaic and tile-like options, all available at an affordable cost when compared to the real thing.

In addition, vinyl offers consumers the added flexibility of being able to use products created for commercial use in residential applications. And when it comes to installation, modern-day click vinyl requires minimal or no professional design expertise with glue down vinyl requiring professional installation.

FINfloor’s luxury vinyl product offering is ever expanding and now includes two exciting new glue down ranges Aurora and Galaxy (Main image – Galaxy-Nova), where a liquid glue is used to adhere the product directly to the subfloor.

Product Features
The Aurora range offers realistic wood-like designs and is available in wide board 1227mm x 235mm x 2mm. It is manufactured from 100% virgin material, featuring a micro bevel edge and a special 0.33 ceramic bead wear layer. Coupled with a 20-year residential and 5-year moderate commercial warranty, FINfloor has raised the bar for luxury vinyl products.

The Aurora (Mira) range

For a more durable option, the Galaxy range combines technology and design to deliver a glue-down vinyl product featuring a double UV-coat, plus an anti-bacterial coating within the 0.55mm ceramic bead wear layer. The many ultra-contemporary and life-like designs featured in the Galaxy range will no doubt elevate the overall interior design vision of the more discerning consumer.

The benefits
Vinyl is a popular choice because it holds up in both dry and wet spaces, so it can be used continuously from a living room into a kitchen or from a bedroom into a bathroom. Running continuous flooring creates one seamless space, which assists in making a space appear larger and more open. Vinyl offers a range of benefits including:

• Durability
Vinyl floors are scratch and stain resistant, making them strong enough to withstand heavy residential foot fall and easy to clean and maintain.

• Noise
Vinyl planks feature multiple layers and are a relatively quiet choice for any room, especially when compared to tile or hardwood floors.

• Cost
Even with professional installation, vinyl flooring is more affordable than solid wood flooring. When selecting a product, consider everything needed from start to finish and factor it into the overall budget.

• Repairs
If a section of the floor becomes damaged, it can be replaced. Make sure to save a box of planks for making repairs or adjustments down the line.

A final word
When it comes to transforming the look of your home, Vinyl floors provide all the style and elegance of hardwood while remaining durable enough to use from the front door straight through to the bathrooms. Consider the actual construction of the product and select a design that is suitable for the way the room will be used. For the best results, select a product designed for commercial use and make it the foundation of your room for many years to come.

FINfloor SA Pty Ltd
JHB: 011 262 2727 | DBN: 031 579 4631 | CT: 021 981 0474

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