Van Dyck and Nouwens Consolidation Cancelled

by Kwanele
Van Dyck and Nouwens Consolidation Cancelled


Dr Mehran Zarrebeini, CEO of PFE International Inc.

Earlier this year intentions were made public of two of the industry’s most reputable and longest running flooring manufacturing companies in South Africa, namely Van Dyck Floors and Nouwens Carpets, were going to consolidate their respective manufacturing operations in Harrismith. The objective was to enable the two brands to streamline their manufacturing processes and expertise and exploit both companies’ strengths.

However, in the intervening period a number of contributing factors, including the current economic downturn and challenges faced by the manufacturing industry and business in general, have led to Van Dyck Floors restructuring its business. According to Dr Mehran Zarrebini, CEO of PFE International Inc. the shareholder of Van Dyck Floors, the company will be phasing out of its soft – flooring business and concentrate on its recycling and rubber floor manufacturing plant and promoting the Easigrass brand in South Africa.

“The demand for soft flooring has declined over the last few years as a result of various factors including the economic challenges faced by the country as well as shifts in consumer patterns” said Dr Mehran Zarrebini. “At the same time, diversification of product offering has been key to generating new revenue streams, in particular, the focus on sustainable products manufactured from recycled content. This will remain core to the group’s long term strategy.”

A new company will be established in the New Year that will focus on the distribution of imported broadloom carpets and tiles (tufted and needle-punch) and LVT’s and will trade under the Van Dyck Floors trading name. This new company will be managed by Bernd De Smedt and Eric Ward and will receive all the necessary support from the Zarrebini family and their strategic suppliers and service providers.

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