UV-resistant paint keeps the heat out

by Ofentse Sefolo
UV-resistant paint keeps the heat out

In line with the company’s “Designed for Life” proposition to solve real, everyday customer needs, Kansai Plascon’s Nuroof Cool paint was designed to help South African building owners lower their energy consumption costs by keeping building roofs, and therefore building interiors, cooler.
Lower roof temperatures translate into cooler interior spaces, a reduced need for air-conditioning as well as potential lower energy consumption, or increased comfort,” notes Katlego Kondlo, Head of Decorative Business Unit at Plascon.

In fact, thanks to its infrared reflective technology, Plascon’s Nuroof Cool roof coating reflects about 30% of the sun’s infrared light off the roof’s surface, reducing the building’s interior temperature by up to 8°C.

Tried and tested
This performance was proven during application trials at Plascon’s product development centre in Alberton to monitor the change in the interior temperature of the test houses that had been treated with the paint. A total of 16 steel test houses were fitted with temperature probes that monitored the homes’ interior temperature daily. The tests revealed that the interior air temperatures of these structures could be significantly reduced – by up to 8°C.

“Lower roof temperatures also mean less stress and strain on the coating and the roofing material, promoting a longer roof life,” Kondlo adds. This is a big plus since roof surfaces are exposed to large amounts of the sun’s energy over time.

A sustainable option
In addition, Plascon Nuroof Cool is also kind to the environment. The product was specifically developed with the Herotech Enviroshield formulation, which affords the paint its increased solar reflectance characteristics. By reflecting a large portion of the sun’s heating energy back into the atmosphere through greenhouse gases, it helps to reduce the temperature in cities.

Plascon’s Group Head of Marketing, Alan Cotton, says the company is constantly mindful of the impact paint has on the environment, which is why Plascon endeavours to manufacture products that are environmentally-conscious.

A look
Mindful of the importance for home and building owners to express their individuality, Nuroof Cool is available in 16 colours and has a twelve-year quality guarantee. All colours contain non-fading pigments to ensure colour fastness for years.

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Caption main image: Plascon’s Nuroof Cool paint is formulated with Herotech Enviroshield to reflect about 30% of the sun’s infrared light off the roof’s surface.

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