Using the right equipment to eliminate dust is a must

by Tania Wannenburg
Diamond Products equipment eliminate dust Jnl 5 16

Diamond Product’s Dust Collector equipment helps to rid the air of dust, making going green much simpler.

The world is no stranger to “Going green” in today’s day and age. It is the pursuit of designing, building, manufacturing and living more environmentally friendly, an increasing number of people have made the decision to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Darryl Gray, Director of Diamond Products, explains that it is no different in the surface preparation industry. “The process of grinding, polishing and restoring surfaces such as concrete, stone, marble and tiles, generates a substantial amount of dust,” he says. “Controlling dust is important as the equipment being used creates airborne dust particles which in turn can lead to equipment problems, health issues and an overall decrease in working conditions or productivity. This is why it is of absolute necessity to use the correct equipment when grinding and polishing to eliminate the amount of dust particles being released into the air.”

This is particularly important in the Food, Beverage, Winery and Flour Mill industries due to the stringent legislation, rules and regulations within the industry.

Blastrac is one of the leading international developer and manufacturer of surface preparation equipment, which includes an extensive range of Dust Collectors. Blastrac has developed a range of dust collectors with specific characteristic to work to their optimum performance, and also to employ absolute HEPA filters for total safety when used on hazardous materials.  

“This factor is very important as it expands the possibilities, and application fields where Blastrac equipment can be used, especially in areas where dust would not be tolerated, or where the dust could have hazardous implications,” concludes Darryl.

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