Using laser tools for tile installations

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Using laser tools for tile installations

Tile laying is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process that requires a high level of accuracy. The GTL 3 Professional tile layout laser from Bosch speeds up this process, ensuring a high-quality installation.
In addition to two laser lines at 90°, the GTL 3 Professional projects a third line at 45° for precise and fast alignment and the laying of tiles, explains Bosch Measuring Tools’ brand manager, Sebastian Johannes. The laser lines are clearly visible, making this tool ideal for use in indoor areas.

With a high accuracy of 0,2mm/m, the GTL 3 Professional boasts a compact and lightweight design for optimum ease of use. It also includes an alignment plate for better stability when working on uneven surfaces, and for fixing to the floor.

The GTL 3 Professional is further dust- and splash-protected (with an IP54 rating), which makes it particularly rugged, and has an automatic shutdown capability in order to reduce battery consumption.

The working range (with target) is 20m, while the power supply is four 1,5V LR6 (AA) batteries. This allows for a maximum operating time of 18 hours in two line mode.

Check the evenness of floors
Bosch’s GSL 2 Professional is ideal for site managers, surveyors and other building professionals to quickly and accurately check the evenness of flat surfaces.

The main benefit of this surface laser from Bosch, according to Johannes, is that there is no longer a need to re-measure or have assistance. “A single tradesperson can check large surfaces comfortably and even has a remote control option. The surface laser allows one to identify surface irregularities at a glance, meaning that the inspection process is 100% reliable and accurate to the millimetre,” he says.

Johannes explains that the laser projects two lines and if the surface is flat, the lines will be exactly on top of each other, visible only as a single line. If the surface is uneven in any way, the two lines will deviate from each other.

The GSL 2 Professional is supplied with four AA 1,5V batteries, a target, laser viewing glasses to enhance the visibility of the laser beams and an L-BOXX carry case.

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The GTL 3 Professional projects two laser lines at 90° and a third line at 45° for precise alignment and laying of tiles.

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