Ushering school floors into the 21st century

by Tania Wannenburg

Creating a beautiful floor for a beautiful school that has been renovated with bright colours that stimulate creativity.

The learning environment of the 21st century is changing. The creation of pleasant and comfortable surroundings facilitating various patterns of group working is bringing a new focus to school design.

“The choice of floorcovering has a major impact on the overall feel of an educational building,” says Tandy Coleman-Spolander, Marketing Director of Polyflor SA. “Floors that are bright, colourful and cheerful can add character to a lively, modern building.”

One example of this can be seen at the French School in Cape Town, which was recently moved into the premises of the old Tafelberg Remedial School, situated on the corner of Tramway and Kings Roads in Sea Point. In order to remodel the environment and bring it in step with the latest international trends for educational environments, the school appointed Kritzinger Architects.

Although the original plan was to use rubber flooring in the school’s corridors, Scott Halliford, Polyflor SA’s Agent in Cape Town, convinced school authorities to invest in Polyflor’s vinyl sheeting instead.

“Corridors in particular, as areas of high circulation, experience intensely heavy traffic at set times of the day,” explains Scott. “Slip resistance, durability and ease of maintenance are general concerns throughout teaching and classroom facilities. Polyflor’s products offer a wide variety of performance characteristics to suit different educational environments, and are tested to international standards.”

AMPS Quantity Surveyors and Jed Kritzinger and Julia Abel of Kritzinger Architects agreed that vinyl flooring would not only be more aesthetically pleasing, but would also be more long-wearing and better suited to the needs of the school’s 249 pupils and 26 teachers and staff.

Pearlazzo PUR Mineral, Autumn Fire, Atlantic Mist and Sailcloth were selected and installed in the school’s corridors, hallways and classrooms. The 700m² installation job involved removal of old floorcoverings and bitumen, and re-screeding of the floors before the Pearlazzo floors and borders could be laid.  

The end result is a school that looks fresh, modern and creative and a school governing body that is well pleased with the final result.

“Polyflor is committed to providing a wide variety of education-focused solutions with which to create a stimulating and fun environment,” concludes Tandy. “An environment conducive to learning, which pupils, teaching staff and visitors can collectively appreciate.”

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