Updated go-to building manual launched

by Tania Wannenburg

Flooring professionals, specialists, manufacturers and installers can now browse through an updated version of the Building Construction Standards for South Africa, which is the country’s more comprehensive handbook.

Architective Publications announced the launch of this handbook towards the end of October and readers can look forward to a new and comprehensive version of this much-anticipated construction guide.

The publication, which is just under 600 pages, offers essential technical manuals and worksheets covering virtually every construction and installation method, material and principle that is used to design and construct most buildings in South Africa.

The visual manual is ideal for engineers, construction professionals, architects as well as students and the presentation format makes it easy understand the complex processes involved in design and construction.

Over 30 professional architects, academics, technicians and landscape architects contributed to the research and writing of this manual, which has become the go-to standard in the industry. The purchase price of this publication is ZAR 680,00 and the price drops for larger, bulk orders.

For more information, contact Architective Publications on +27(86) 1234 888 or orders@architective.co.za

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