Unlocking efficiency

For over three and a half decades, Nutape have been the secret weapon for companies in the construction, roofing, signage, automotive, electronics, food and beverage industries.

The company offers a world where customers have no need to scramble for multiple suppliers, negotiate prices, or wade through endless product catalogues. Nutape unlocks efficiency for countless businesses across South Africa.

Comprehensive offering

The company’s success hinges on a simple yet powerful concept: comprehensive solutions. It is not just another tape dispenser; it is a one-stop shop for a remarkable range of products. Nutape understands that every industry has its specific language – its unique set of challenges and requirements.

With the tenacity of a bulldog, Nutape will find the products to keep the elements at bay. Nutape also stocks abrasives, adhesives and packaging solutions.

Unlocking efficiency

Nutape are passionate about helping customers find the perfect solution.

Brand promise

  • Innovation: Keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry, Nutape seeks out the latest products to ensure customers operations stay ahead of the curve.
  • Solution-driven approach: A team of experts work closely with customers to identify specific needs, and recommend the most practical combination of products to achieve those goals. Nutape believes in doing more than just selling supplies; the company provides solutions.
  • Exceptional customer service: Offering more than just an order fulfilment centre, the dedicated group of experts at Nutape are passionate about helping customers find the perfect solution.

Nutape offers a streamlined approach, exceptional service, and a commitment to finding the perfect solution for customers needs.

The company is confident that its extensive product range, solution-driven approach, and dedication to quality make it a trusted partner to industry.

Unlocking efficiency

Nutape understands that every industry has its specific set of challenges and requirements.


Making procurement easy for customers, Nutape unlocks efficiency through products, solutions and service.


For more information, contact Nutape:

JHB Tel: +27 11 422 1538

Email: info@nutape.co.za

Web: www.nutape.co.za

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