Unlock the potential of your floor – With stronger joints

by Darren
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An evolution of the existing Woodloc joint, the Kährs Woodloc 5S joint makes the Kährs engineered wood ranges even faster and easier to install. Woodloc 5S is the latest innovative glue-free joint system, with a special locking tongue to create even stronger joints.

The Woodloc 5S joint is stronger than the original Woodloc joint which means larger areas are able to be installed without expansion profiles due to better joint strength.

The joint handles 1800 N/m² in a tensile test. The locking tongue is made of a wood-fibre/polypropylene composite to achieve optimal strength and flexibility whilst taking environmental considerations into account.

Due to the stronger lock, larger areas can be installed than with the traditional Woodloc joint, even under influence of climate cycle changes, without any use of T-mouldings.

With traditional Woodloc joints the maximum installable area was 18m x 34m, but with Woodloc 5S it is possible to install up to 25m x 50m. In other words, there was a limit of approximately 700m2 for an installation. With Kährs Woodloc 5S it is now possible to install areas up to 1250m2 – an improvement of more than 75%!

The Kährs Woodloc 5S joint is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, and eliminates gaps. It has been verified through extensive climate-chamber testing. The result is that there is no negative impact on the joint due to climate variations.  

How it works:

A wood-based locking tongue is used to lock the plank perfectly in position. It is also possible to unlock the plank by using an unlocking pin-tool. The long side is installed as usual, angled and folded down.

But compared to other techniques, the floor panel is not locked in place yet. You can still pick it up by angling backwards. The teeth at the short side of the panel fall down between the teeth of the locking tongue. There are thus fewer stages involved in the installation process.

Installation is easier and up to 25% faster compared to the traditional Woodloc joint. The joint system gives installers a second opportunity to adjust the last floor panel in a row before locking with the next row. It is also easy to lock the last row, even if it was cut to a narrower size.

The Woodloc 5S joint enables floating and glue-down application.

For a floating installation the Woodloc 5S joint system is installed in the same way as the Woodloc joint, using the technique for floating installation. A glue-down installation creates the possibility of excellent sound insulation properties and offers a solution from Kährs for the glue-down market.

The glue-down option offers possibilities to install even larger surfaces than with floating installation. The risk of getting glue in the wrong place has also been eliminated due to the lock/unlock feature.

Woodloc 5S is proof of the innovative Kährs spirit and the investment for the improvement is part of the total offer from Kährs. The floor can be used directly after installation and is also easy to remove (when installed as a floating floor).

Kährs’ policy is to offer floors with the highest quality and functionality. As part of this work, Kährs is introducing innovations on a continual basis to improve the flooring features and the installation methods.

For more information regarding the Kährs range of engineered wood floors, kindly contact Sakkie Pretorius on 011 406 4293 or e-mail your query to spretorius@floorworx.co.za.

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