Uniquely specified flooring system makes its mark

by Tania Wannenburg
Sika BMW Jnl 3 15

Building an office park that aims to become an iconic landmark requires the specification of unique flooring systems with a solid reputation.

In order to complete BMW’s new office building in Johannesburg, contractor Barrow Construction specified Sika’s high-performance products. Situated on New Road, Midrand, near the N1 National Road, this completely circular structure has already become a visually appealing landmark.

Three products from Sika’s Moisture Triggered Chemistry (MTC) range were specified for the completion of the structure. With their proven technology’s track record spanning over 20 years, Sikalastic-601 BC (Base Coat) and Sikalastic-621 TC (Top Coat) were applied to the exposed concrete flat roof (approximately 900 m2), while Sikafloor-405 was used on all floors in the airconditioning plant rooms (approximately 300 m2).

Working to a restrictive time schedule, subcontractors Quake Seal were responsible for the application of the Sika products. After applying Sikalastic-601 BC as a base coat on all the plant room floors, Sikafloor-405 was then applied as a topcoat.

Sikafloor-405 is a one-component, pigmented, polyurethane resin coating with moisture-triggered curing. It is highly elastic with excellent adhesion, and its crack-bridging and UV-resistant properties make it an ideal waterproofing product for numerous interior and exterior applications. It is also abrasion- and slip-resistant and suitable for coating concrete, cementitious screed substrates as well as tiles.

As with all projects, challenges were experienced during this project, which included heavy rains for almost an entire month. However, due to the efficacy of Sika’s products and a unique timing schedule, the project was completed well within the stipulated timeframe.

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