The Duroplastic Group recently introduced the built environment to Shera fibre-cement products that provide a unique, green solution in a variety of beautiful finishes.  

The Duroplastic Group recently introduced the built environment to Shera fibre-cement products. Manufactured to the highest standard of fibre-cement autoclave technology, the products are the perfect combination of strength and flexibility.

The complex material consists of a combination of sand, cement, cellulose fibres and natural fibres, resulting in an environmentally-friendly and safe product that is available in a wide range of aesthetic finishes.

The Shera range of products includes Shera Board with a recessed edge, Shera Flexy Board, Shera Deco Board, Shera Plank, Shera Flooring Boards and Shera Facia fibre-cement boards, which can be used for various interior and exterior applications. A smooth, flat surface is generally required for finishing off, cladding, partitioning and edging most projects.

Fibre-cement cladding consists of external cladding, overlapping horizontal boards, imitating wooden cladding and imitation shingles, but is also commonly used as an eave lining and a tile underlay on decks and in bathrooms.

Shera is unaffected by moisture, is resistant to rotting and corrosion and UV-resistant. It is also non-combustible and can be painted or coated with an almost limitless combination of colours and textures for internal and exterior applications.
Shera fibre-cement products are best painted with a pure acrylic PVA paint, but can be painted with Alkyd paints provided the surface is primed with an Alkali-resistant sealer.

Tyrone Blommestijn, national sales manager of Durobuild, explains that Shera –backed by a 50-year manufacturer warranty – contains no asbestos, is highly workable, without breakage and easy installation, providing the specifier with a variety of finishes, peace of mind and confidence in a quality product.

Wood grain finishes, flat board, shiplap and recessed cladding boards all make the Shera product range the product of choice for wall cladding and ceilings, whether the application is residential, commercial or industrial. Shera Deco Board comes with a wide range of textures that provide practical solutions to the most creative designs and can withstand years of wear and tear.

Providing environmentally-friendly alternatives to any building project, Durobuild operates in Cape Town, Durban, George and Johannesburg.

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