Unique bricks meet client needs and saves 20%

by Ofentse Sefolo
Unique bricks meet client needs and saves 20%

For the construction of the Zamdela Community Residential Units in Sasolburg, a unique face brick was chosen both as an affordable solution, as well as to achieve an overall aesthetic finish which created warm homes.
Incline Architects points out that Corobrik’s CoroJem Classic Blend Travertine face bricks met the client’s needs for a unique brick that fitted into the budget. The intention was to design houses that created more of a sense of belonging. Although there was some reluctance at first to the exposed brick, the community was quickly attracted to the duplex units on completion and they’re proving to be particularly popular with younger people.

In total, some 370 260 CoroJem Classic Blend Travertine face bricks were used for this development.

Made for a purpose
The CoroJem is essentially twice the width of a standard brick and was laid as a single skin, making it 20% more affordable than the double-skin wall format.

According to Corobrik’s commercial director, Musa Shangase, the CoroJem was designed to meet the growing needs of the affordable housing sector, providing a sustainable building option which fused aesthetics with quality.

“Corobrik is committed to working with the government in its ongoing aim to create houses where people really want to live,” explained Shangase. “These bricks are used to construct inexpensive, maintenance-free developments that have a number of associated living benefits including natural soundproofing, thermal qualities and incombustibility.

“The natural, earthy colours and textures don’t require plastering and painting, saving on future maintenance costs, and the low lifecycle energy costs make this an environmentally-sound choice for construction.”

Project scope
The 128 subsidised two- and three-bedroom duplex units in Zamdela, Sasolburg, were completed in November 2017 in the third phase of the provision of affordable housing to the area. The first phase consisted of 98 community residential units – completed in February 2015 – and the second phase of 30 community residential units was finished a year later in Corobrik’s Travertine face bricks. Also forming part of this affordable housing initiative was the Nick Ferreira development, consisting of 148 modern units built across Phase 1 and 2, also in CoroJem Classic face bricks.

Falling under the Metsimaholo Local Municipality, the project was funded by the Free State Department of Human Settlements, with the principle agent Urban Dynamics (Free State) Inc, contracted by Stefanutti Stocks, the engineering work done by IX Engineers, Rubiquant performing the quantity surveying and Incline Architects working on the design.

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Caption main image:
The CoroJem bricks are essentially twice the width of a standard brick and were laid as a single skin, making it 20% more affordable than the double-skin wall format.
Courtesy of Urban Dynamics

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