Unique aluminium entrance matting introduced in SA

by Madelein
Unique aluminium entrance matting introduced in SA

Kirk recently introduced ULTIMATE MAT, a unique aluminium entrance matting that is designed to keep dirt out of buildings as well as reduce wear on floors, carpets and escalators. The dirt cleaning system reduces cleaning costs by reducing the frequency of cleaning, and also minimises the risk of pedestrian slippage by reducing wet, muddy, and dusty internal floors.

The mat is easy to maintain and does not require frequent cleaning. It is available in 12mm, 17mm and 22mm thicknesses and it forces the dirt, dust and mud to naturally fall between the aluminium sections and not remain on the surface of the mat. The dust can easily be collected once a week by following the simple cleaning processes.

Kirk offers rubber, tile and brush mat inserts for the mats. The insert you choose will depend on the application, such as indoor and outdoor use. The inserts are available in black, grey and brown.

The aluminium entrance mats are designed to withstand unlimited pedestrian traffic up to 2500 kg/m² and trolley traffic of 600kg per trolley. It has an ISO-9001 certificate, making it well worth the investment for your client’s property.

For more information, contact Kirk on +27 (11) 444 1441 or via www.kirk.co.za.

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