Sourcing the most distinctive and latest internationally trending decorative and accent products is no easy task, especially as this market has seen an explosion of new product ranges and applications.

However, local company Douglas Jones is dedicated to servicing the gap in the local ceramic tile market by focusing on sourcing the best internationally renowned mosaic, décor and tile-accent products. Imported from all over the globe, and representing the latest trends and inspirations from international interior design studios and firms alike, Douglas Jones has been able to offer the South African consumer one of the most extensive mosaic and decorative tile offerings through its unique Creative Assembly Department.

Comprising a team of more than 20 employees, the Creative Assembly Department is dedicated to the design and creation of patterns, fades and mixes, bespoke to the individual needs and taste of each customer.

Perfect mosaic installation
Always keeping abreast of trends and ever-changing needs in the building industry, Douglas Jones has developed the Douglas Jones Mosaic Fix which will provide a perfect mosaic installation. Mosaics are vastly different to normal tiles, as they generate more movement and therefore need a quick-setting, high-tensile-strength adhesive which can absorb the additional movement of the sheets. It is for this reason that Douglas Jones has custom-developed the Douglas Jones Mosaic Fix to offer its customers installation perfection throughout.

The premium Douglas Jones Mosaic Fix offers low dust formulation, ease of mixing and application coupled with a setting time of only six hours. This is enabling installation in a shorter period, which is saving both time and money. The Douglas Jones Mosaic Fix is available in white, dove and dark grey.

Douglas Jones strives to be the leader of the mosaic and tile décor industry by continuously providing products that offer the construction industry inspirational additions for any build, be it commercial, industrial or residential. Douglas Jones will also source any specific product for a commercial project, should they not offer it in their normal stock holdings.

For more information on its products and designs, contact Douglas Jones:
Tel: +27 21 706 7251

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