Unique 4-in-1 LVT profiles for multiple applications

by Tania Wannenburg
Kirk Jnl114

Due to local demand for modern luxury vinyl planks/tiles, Kirk designed a unique 4-in-1 profile for use in conjunction with LVPs/LVTs.

The profiles have multiple LVP/LVT uses, namely as ramps, stairnosings and end profiles against sliding doors or kitchen and bedroom cupboards.

“We have added a 4th use as a corner protector for mosaics as shown in the pictures on this page. This 4-in-1 profile is stocked in three anodised colours and can be made in bespoke anodised colours. M.Trim has numerous other profiles types that can act as transitions for LVTs,” says Michael Kirkland, Managing Director at Kirk Marketing.

Kirk has also developed two new stairnosings for the contract market – a double and a single nosing with a ridged PVC insert in black and grey. The company also developed a range of mosaic corner protectors for 4mm, 6mm and 8mm mosaics. This M.Trim aluminium square-edge trim can be used as a stairnosing and as a general edge protection for thinner tiles.

Michael explains that there has also been a need for a more heavy-duty series of profiles. “Kirk developed the Screwfix range, made from thicker and more durable aluminium, in order to offer clients stronger heavy-duty profiles. We have this range available in three profiles – expansion, end and transition profiles,” says Michael.

All the aluminium profiles are also available in a range of anodised colours. Kirk will be introducing a range of textured powder-coated profiles for aesthetic use with tiles in the future.

“We will also be introducing the M.Trim range of wood-foiled aluminium profiles for the laminate industry, starting with transitions and expansions,” concludes Michael.

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