Understanding the ins and outs of carpeting

by Madelein
Understanding the ins and outs of carpeting

The carpet industry has changed significantly over the past few decades. The misconception that carpeting is non-durable, old-fashioned and unhygienic has led to loss of market share over the past few years. This stigma has resulted in many clients forgetting the plethora of benefits that are associated with carpeting.

Versatility in aesthetics, for example, is one of the major benefits of investing in a carpet. In the past, carpets were mainly limited to beige and brown. Today, the colour and pattern possibilities are endless, with trade shows such as DOMOTEX in Hanover showcasing the vast variety of styles and options available to both the retail and commercial sectors. Besides combining various carpet tiles for unique designs and features, designers are also fusing carpeting with other flooring surfaces to create unique effects which reflect the character, drive and passion of their customers.

The way in which the quality and feel of carpets has evolved has also made a big impact on consumer perception of this product. Revolutionary soft touch carpeting, such as that offered by Romeo, has taken the retail market by storm. Not only is it extraordinarily plush and luxurious, it is also available in a host of new modern colours to suit any look and feel.

Besides versatility and feel, carpet also offers a host of benefits regarding hygiene and indoor air quality. Many specifiers and clients still mistakenly believe that they need to opt for hard flooring surfaces to avoid allergy and asthma problems. Studies have shown that the air quality within rooms that have carpets far exceeds the quality in rooms with hard flooring. The reason for this is that carpet fibres hold the dust particles in place, whereas the dust on hard floors is easily scooped into the air and breathed in, especially during sleep.

Proper maintenance is key to tapping into the health benefits that carpeting can offer. It is also important to ensure the correct underfelt is used as this is often the place where allergens breed. A specialised treatment from Top Carpets and Floors called Healthier Living Installations exterminates all allergens prior to installation. Top Carpets also utilises a SABS approved underfelt, which is completely sealed thereby preventing allergens and dust mites from breeding within it.

The team at Top Carpets and Floors have the skills to guide you from initial planning phase right through to a professional installation.

For more information contact, Top Carpets and Floors on +27 (87) 236 6304 or via www.topcarpetsandfloors.co.za.

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