Kwezi Futshane from the University of Cape Town (UCT) clinched the Most Innovative Final-Year Landscape Architecture Award as part of the 35th Corobrik Student Architecture Awards 2022. The R8 000 first prize was for his final year thesis uncovering land restitution prospects by exploring landscape design opportunities.

Corobrik Student Architecture Awards

Highlighting talent, creativity, innovation and inspiration, the Corobrik Student Architecture Awards is all about jump-starting careers, building the industry and designing tomorrow.

Regional winners are selected from eight major universities, based on the students’ final theses. These regional winners then go through to the national round where the top title is awarded. For UCT, Corobrik also highlighted innovative projects from two landscape architecture students.

More about Kwezi Futshane

Entitled “How to design a landscape that celebrates Khoesān indigeneity and heritage”, Kwezi’s project sheds light on the historic sensitivities within the Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP) in Cape Town, focusing its design strategy, mainly on the contested River Club site.

Kwezi Futshane – celebrating khoesan heritage

“Landscape architecture is more than just beautiful designs,” highlights Kwezi. “It is important that landscape architects are recognised. We can impact the constantly changing socio-spatial fabric, and our layered design thinking skills open doors for impactful environmental solutions.”

Commenting on the importance of the Corobrik Student Architecture Awards, Kwezi says that it gives graduates a glimpse into the working world. “It also sparks a sense of appreciation for the close relationships that companies like Corobrik are willing to establish with landscape architecture firms and businesses. It is such an honour to receive this award, which is a gesture I will never take for granted.”

As for using Corobrik’s products in his designs, Kwezi stresses it allowed him to explore several clay paving options and combinations. It was essential that the project design accommodated various forms of movement, whether walking with someone in a wheelchair or cycling.

UCT landscape architecture winner Kwezi Futshane (left) and UCT landscape architecture runner-up Kelvin Green (right)

Landscape architects helps to bridge an important gap

Runner-up Kelvin’s thesis was entitled “Overcoming the M5: An approach to reducing the inequality in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.” Extending between the city’s major business district and the outer suburbs, the M5 has had a remarkable impact on the economic conditions on either side of the buffer zone.

Kelvin Green’s “Overcoming the M5” Thesis

“Landscape architects can bridge an important gap. Their complex thinking contributes to the upliftment of ecological systems and urban living and ensures that the built environment works for all people,” points out Kelvin.

Commenting on the contribution made by the Corobrik Student Architecture Awards, he says: “The value of rewarding students for their achievements is truly appreciated. Aspiring to achieve such a prestigious award is an important part of an academic career, as it ensures students are competitive and progress continually.”

A 35-year relationship

“We are very excited to celebrate the 35th edition of the awards. It has been an incredibly exciting and richly fulfilling journey,” highlights Corobrik Marketing Support Manager, Thilo Sidambaram.

“Our relationship with the awards goes back some 35 years, and it is one that has proved very enlightening for Corobrik. It has added a lot of depth and enriched the architectural profession by allowing young up-and-coming architects to express themselves and show the kinds of directions they believe architecture should be going in,” comments Corobrik CEO, Nick Booth.

Since 1986, the awards have placed 34 winners on the architectural map, both in leading practices as well as in their own firms.

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