Ultra smooth interior and exterior skim coating

by Ofentse Sefolo
Ultra smooth interior and exterior skim coating

iTe Products is proud to launch a first in white cement-based, skim-coat finishing plaster. This revolutionary product is used to create an ultra-smooth finish on both exterior and interior walls.

When looking to skim-coat exterior and interior walls, be they old or new, DURALiTe, a revolutionary cement-based product from iTe Products, has been researched and developed to deliver weather-proof, dust-free and durable surfaces. DURALiTe provides clients with solutions that are of superior quality as well as cost-effective, developed by a leader in innovative construction products.

DURALiTE exterior application indicates a smooth and flat surface.

What makes DURALiTe so unique?

1. It can be used both externally as well as internally and is weather resistant.
2. It is white cement-based (the final product is of an off-white finish, allowing you a light base colour should it require painting).
3. It is highly polymer modified, which has the following four benefits:
a. Requires mixing with water only, no bonding liquid required.
b. The final DURALiTe will be free of dust once the surface has hardened.
c. The surface can be sand-papered if required.
d. Offers excellent adhesion properties to the sub-base.
4. It can be applied over existing finishes such as painted, scratched or tirolean plaster, raw plaster as well as concrete surfaces.
5. It is available in 35kg bags.

The end-result is a durable weather-proof finish that will maintain its good looks for several years to come.

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