UK’s House of the Year inspires innovative ideas

by Darren
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The Flint House, defined by its flint-layered fields, has been named the winner of the 2015 RIBA House of the Year.

The Flint House has been named the coveted winner of the 2015 RIBA House of the Year award by the The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). This annual award was created in 2001 to celebrate excellence in housing design.

Described by judges as a marvel of geological evolution and construction, Flint House is a celebration of location, material and architectural design at its best. Set in the flint-layered fields of the Rothschild’s estate at Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, South East England, the building rises from the ground as dark, fashioned flint and slowly changes in construction and texture until its refined white chalk blocks disappear into the sky.

Whilst defined by its flint construction, the project is home to an intriguing and intelligent mixed application of rooftops, terraces and recesses that combine to deliver a remarkable piece of liveable, provoking, modern architecture that marries into the earthly yet beautiful countryside.

“I am delighted that Skene Catling De La Pena’s Flint House for Lord Rothschild has won this year’s prize,” says Jane Duncan, RIBA president. “Although superbly original and unique, it continues a fine tradition of RIBA award-winning houses that provide exemplars for others: architects, clients and developers. Congratulations to all involved.”

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