Two-tone paintable wallpaper – a designer’s dream

by Tania Wannenburg
Two-Tone paintable wallpaper

A new range of paintable wallpaper combines durability and creative freedom.


Paintable wallpapers have always presented designers with a big trade-off between durability and fashionability, until now.

Before, designers had to weigh the benefits of the one or the other. On the one end of the scale, woven glass fibre wallpaper is extremely durable but because it is a woven product, it has limited design possibilities. At the other end, blown vinyl is extremely soft and damages easily, even after several coats of paint, but offers exciting and fashionable designs.

Therefore it has never been a simple choice when specifying for any commercial or healthcare project.

The brand new Novelio® Design range of paintable wallpapers from local wallpaper distributor, Wall Design, solves this problem once and for all. While these wallpapers are made up of glass fibres, not all of them are woven, meaning that the best of both worlds is possible – extreme durability alongside fashionable design.

What makes Novelio® Design such a revolutionary product is the fact that it’s the world’s first paintable wallpaper to combine:
•    Glass fibre durability.
•    Italian design.
•    A two-tone finish from a single application of paint.
•    CleanAir technology that actively removes VOCs from the air, even after several coats of paint over multiple years.
•    Novelio® comfort coating for easy, quick installation.
•    Oekotex Class I Certification, which means that it is suitable for use in healthcare, education and hospitality environments too.

The Novelio® Design range includes several designs such as concrete, wood, circles, stripes and more. All items are stocked locally and are available exclusively through Wall Design.

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