Two key factors with subfloor prep for vinyls

by Ofentse Sefolo
Two key factors with subfloor prep for vinyls

The correct preparation of a substrate is of paramount importance when it comes to vinyl floor covering installations. According to TAL, two key factors are equally important:

1. A fully cured substrate
The substrate must be fully cured and have attained the moisture content stipulated by the manufacturer of the vinyl floor covering. Excessive moisture in the substrate, or high moisture vapour emission rates, will most certainly result in installation failure.

2. A smooth, level and sound substrate
The substrate must be integrally sound, smooth and level. Vinyl floor coverings will suffer from surface imperfections or a poor aesthetic appearance if the floor below is not perfectly smooth and flat.

Selecting the right underlayment for your vinyl floor covering
Consider the requirements of the service area when specifying an underlayment. For hygiene spaces, for example, a casein-free compound is recommended. The type of traffic that a floor will receive, such as wheels or foot traffic, must also be kept in mind when choosing a suitable underlayment. Rapid-setting shrinkage-compensated underlayments will ensure a fast turn-around for the project.

While many contractors are aware of the moisture testing that needs to be carried out ahead of the installation, it’s also important to note that this testing must be repeated again after the underlayment has cured.

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