Turning vision into reality

by Darren
Steyn City clubhouse

Take a peek into what Steyn City is set to offer homeowners seeking a ‘City in a Park.’

Steyn City is a visionary mixed-use lifestyle development currently underway along the Jukskei River in Johannesburg, between William Nicol Drive (R511) and Cedar Road. This 2 000-acre lifestyle development is the brainchild of Douw Steyn, who so aptly captured the essence of this development by stating, “Steyn City will be a place transformed from imagination into a tangible reality.”


This phenomenal ‘reality’ will feature densely wooded parkland that will account for 50% of the estate, in and around which a high number of residential units will be built. “The high number of homeowners that Steyn City will attract is highly desirable in order to make the parklands and amenities function,” comments Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties. “Numbers translate into functionality, security and creating a ‘vibe’. People are attracted to a sense of community and residents won’t want to go further afield because all they need is accessible.”

The highly pedestrianised layout of the estate, via a strategic network of paths interspersed with parks accessible to all homeowners, will provide a safe environment for everyone, especially children, who can now ride their bicycles outside or walk to a corner shop to buy an ice-cream without the risk of passing traffic. This idyllic image will enable parents to offer their own children a lifestyle similar to what they may have experienced several years ago.

Inspired by the cities of old, Steyn City will be designed to encourage the relationship between a city and its inhabitants, from office parks and private schools to crèche facilities – affording homeowners the amenities of city living on their doorstep.

The developers are investing heavily in improving surrounding infrastructure, including road, water, sewerage and telecommunications upgrades, as well as establishing the estate’s wooded parkland, streets and pathways, city centre, the golf course and clubhouse several years prior to marketing and sales so as to ensure that potential buyers will be able to see the development and can therefore purchase with confidence.

Part of Steyn City’s mandate is a commitment to social upliftment of the surrounding local communities of Diepsloot and Cosmo City. This is being achieved via an on-site skills centre to facilitate training and job placement at the development’s numerous construction sites.

This idyllic ‘city in a park’ is set to encapsulate everything that any resident could ever want, need or desire – a home that will ignite childhood memories of safe neighbourhoods and parklands with the echoes of children playing, while at the same time providing for upmarket and professional needs that exude luxury and beauty.

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