Turning heads one carpet tile at a time

by Darren
Shaw Joe Public Jnl 4 15

Looking at the beautiful installation of carpets that played a critical role in the needs of client and building to ensure a much longer lifespan while remaining breathtaking.

With the emphasis placed firmly on ‘growth feeding growth’, the Joe Public Communications group has grown in terms of business size and functionality. To accommodate the demands on the building and its structure to serve the needs of the company’s growing staff and clientele, Joe Public decided on a new development.

Their previous premises had grown into four buildings – one of the key driving factors that encouraged Joe Public to consider a new development comprising only one building. To achieve this exciting task, they turned to I4C to implement their new building’s space planning, design and specification of projects. I4C has been operating since 2002 and defines itself as a turnkey corporate interior design company with its main focus on Interiors for Change.

Their key objective is to offer an interior design service to corporate clients based on flexibility to accommodate clients’ needs. It is staggering to note that over the last 12 years they have completed 165 projects – no mean feat. Understandably, their experience, knowledge and professionalism played a crucial role when Joe Public was in the process of selecting and appointing the project.

According to I4C, to personify Joe Public’s philosophy, i.e. growth of ideas while creating a space that enhances productivity, the atrium, canteen and client areas became the main focus of the design. In addition, I4C selected Pentafloor Flooring as contractor to supply the carpets to the featured boardrooms – four meeting rooms totalling 217m².

I4C specified the Shaw Contract Group’s Linear Shift Hexagon Nylon Carpet Tiles in Black Kiln. These beautiful tiles have a multi-level pattern loop with an Eco Solution Q Nylon fibre, Ecoworx Tile backing and a tufted weight of 678grams/m2 with a life time warranty. This is the only 100% recyclable carpet available in South Africa, is cradle-to-cradle third party certified for additional Environmental guarantee. At the end of its life cycle the Ecoworx Tile backing is taken back and recycled (known as the Shaw take back compromise). In terms of installation methods, three options are available: monolithic; random; and diagonal.

According to I4C, Shaw’s hexagonal carpet was perfect for the job as it highlighted the large boardroom table, measuring 9m long. Made up of three trees by local artist Dhala Hulme and bolted together with a ‘steampunk’ mentality, the table will be a talking point for several years to come for Joe Public and their clients alike. This specified carpet incorporates the natural colours of slate as a warm foundation for their boardrooms.

The project took one year to complete, starting 30 November 2013 and completed in November 2014. There was an array of creative elements used to ensure that the final building not only exceeded Joe Public’s expectations, but set an industry standard that will inspire and motivate others to attain excellence that will last a lifetime. The workspace bustles with life and vigour – giving the creative staff a space in which to do what they do best!

Pentafloor Flooring is the local dealer for all Shaw products who have gained serious momentum and popularity with most of the larger designers and commercial space planners.

For more information: 011 440 6759 / www.shawcontractgroup.com / www.pentafloor.co.za

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