Truworths Distribution centre

Truworths, a prominent retail powerhouse, proudly announced the successful completion of its expanded distribution centre, showcasing cutting-edge floor slabs supplied by CLF – Concrete Laser Flooring. This significant achievement, focused on building an expanded distribution facility, incorporating premier products from Sika South Africa and concrete supplied from Métier. 

Flooring specialist 

CLF is renowned for its expertise in industrial flooring solutions, specializing in innovative and precise concrete flooring applications. With a steadfast commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality craftsmanship, CLF consistently delivers exceptional results in large-scale projects. 

Product application 

Tasked with pouring a robust and hardwearing concrete slab for the expansive 55,000 m² warehouse, CLF rose to the challenge with expertise. The floors were coated with Sikafloor®-3 QuartzTop, a one-part, pre-blended mineral dry shake hardener known for its impact resistance, fast application, and easy cleaning. 

Every joint was meticulously treated with Sika® Primer-3 N and Backing Cord, followed by sealing the joint with Sikaflex® Construction+ sealant, guaranteeing durability and longevity. 

Project challenges 

Truworths Distribution centre

The Truworths distribution centre’s new floor incorporating premier products from Sika South Africa and concrete supplied from Métier.

In spite of initial obstacles encountered by the Truworths Distribution Centre, such as base floor misalignment of up to 20 mm, the primary contractor swiftly tackled the issue, facilitating uninterrupted advancement. Utilising sophisticated laser technology for adjustments proved instrumental in correcting the base floor misalignment, showcasing a dedication to precision and excellence. 

The Truworths Distribution Centre expansion project exemplifies a commitment to excellence and innovation in construction.  


For more information, contact Sika:

Tel: +27 31 792 6500 


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