Nutape, a trusted supplier of packaging and adhesive products since 1986, offers a range of purpose-designed and tested flooring tape products. These can be applied on a variety of surfaces including finished hardwood, tiles, cured concrete and vinyl. 

Floor marking 

As a proud 3M Gold distributor, Nutape offers a wide variety of solutions across an array of industries including healthcare, food, construction and more. Their product range reflects the ever-changing needs of their customers, with most tapes available in a variety of colour options. These are commonly used in the industrial and manufacturing facilities for floor marking. 

Customer-driven solutions 

Their customer-driven solutions are presented through six classification groups: 

  • Tapes and adhesives. 
  • Packaging and plastics. 
  • Household consumables. 
  • Health and safety. 
  • Hygiene and sanitation. 
  • Abrasives. 

Glow-in-the-dark tape 

Loadshedding is made easier with an innovative glow-in-the-dark, anti-slip tape. It safely illuminates pathways with a textured, high-friction surface, delivering an increased grip. This product is also available in die-cut footprints, in both shoe and barefoot designs. 

Anti-slip tape 

Known as surface tape or safety walk, anti-slip tape is an economical solution to protect and identify hazardous slip areas on the floor such as slippery ramps, steps or in shopping centre walkways. The textured high-friction surface enhances the grip to protect people in slip areas. It is easy to install with its simple cut-to-size, peel-and-stick installation.

Floor tape 

This product provides excellent adhesion to most flooring surfaces and is ideal for marking out hazards, dividing spaces, creating aisles and providing directions. 

Nutape is driven to be a supplier of choice, balancing expertise, customer-specific solutions and competitive pricing without compromising on quality. They are determined to grow their people, product knowledge and product range to ensure the highest level of service and product quality, while finding a tailormade solution for customers. 

For more information, contact Nutape:
Tel: 011 422 1538

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