True-to-nature laminate flooring

by Madelein
True-to-nature laminate flooring

The Style CLASSEN* range of laminate flooring makes it possible for designers and architects to bring nature indoors. The product, which is supplied by Tiletoria and Floors Direct in South Africa, is produced in Germany and is unlike other typical laminate flooring ranges because of its ability to replicate natural materials.

Many times, laminate floors look artificial due to an unnaturally uniformed look. What sets Style apart from the rest is its ability to replicate the natural grooves and grains of real wood. If your client is looking for the look and feel of real wood, minus the imperfections, then this new range is for you. With a combination of prints, colours, textures and styles, you can create a unique and distinctive look for any interior space.

Four features of the new range:
1. Durability: The overlay and innovative surface protection layer of melamine resins provide high flooring durability
2. Realistic imitations: Decors are reproduced true-to-nature, and the feeling of cosy naturalness is at the highest level
3. Durable and resistant to humidity: The original CLASSEN board serves as a stable bearer material. The HDF edging is impregnated with Isowaxx* for better protection against humidity. The product also has a balancing layer.
4. Easy installation: The innovative Easy Connect* or Megaloc* system provides a glue-free installation and strong joints.

CLASSEN boasts a long and impressive list of patents that have worked to make their products highly sought after. One of the most noteworthy patents is the Isowaxx coating, which comes with all their laminate products. This coating is a sealant that prevents moisture from seeping into the joints of the flooring. If you or your client’s project is based in a humid area like KwaZulu-Natal, then this is a must-have element for all laminate flooring installations. Instead of having to rectify a floorboard that has swelled, make water ingress a thing of the past by investing in a laminate floor that has the right sealant.

If you are concerned about scratches or imperfections, then you will have the peace of mind that goes with investing in a product that has a high abrasion resistance rating of AC3 and AC4. These durable laminate floors will ensure that scuff marks and scratches don’t impact the aesthetics of your floors.

For more information, contact Tiletoria on Tel: +27 (21) 202 0160 or via www.tiletoria.co.za or Floors Direct on Tel: +27 (11) 475 8000 or via www.floorsdirect.co.za.

*CLASSEN, Isowaxx, Easy Connect and Megaloc are all registered trademarks

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