Trims essential in finishing off carpets

by Tania Wannenburg
Kirk trims Jnl 6 15

Trims play a crucial role in rounding off a carpet installation perfectly, with each type of requirement relying on a specific grip to be used.

Stretch carpet needs to be finished off with carpet trims, especially when a carpet meets tile or laminate floor, in which case a straight grip is used. They are also needed in a doorway to a room, where a round grip is used, and when there is a transition from a carpet to another different type of flooring, for example screed, vinyl, wood or laminate. In such a case a transition grip will be used. In addition, trims are used as a transition between laminate and carpet (a wood grip is used) while brass stair rods can be used on staircases.

The above finishes, available in a full range of anodised colours to try and match the different carpet colours, are screwless and result in a neat, aesthetically pleasing finish. These anodised colours include natural anodised, matt bronze and carpet bronze. Other anodised colours are available on request.

Kirk also supplies five-ply carpet grippers which are used to fit stretch carpets. The carpet gripper has one side cut back at a 60-degree angle, which faces the wall. The carpet is tucked under this side and the other 90-degree side butts against the underlay.

In turn, PVC skirting is an easy-to-fit skirting option and gives an inexpensive finish on stick-down carpets used against the walls, where the carpet runs partially up the wall. The PVC skirting has matching ends and internal and external corners. They are available in the following colours: white; brown; black; dove grey and tan. This skirting is popular in hotels, offices and department stores, making maintenance of the carpet area easy.

Kirk has a comprehensive range of screw-fix covers that are used in the carpet industry to protect the edge of the flooring in thresholds and as transitions between different flooring types.

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