A new range of trims solves a variety of needs while ensuring that the final floor is finished to perfection.

A new range of laminate floor profiles from Kirk Marketing, namely M.Trim, now incorporates New Foiled Trims, which are available in 11 wood-foiled colours to closely match most of the different laminate flooring types currently available to the industry.

This is achieved by simply matching the floor with one of Kirk’s many foiled colours. Kirk also has a range of anodised colours. These anodised colours are neutral colours to match the colour of the laminate floor.

Due to the fact that laminates are fitted as floating floors and will experience expansion and contraction in all horizontal directions against walls, cupboards, doorways, sliding doors and any fixed objects such as columns, a comprehensive range of laminate profiles is needed. Kirk Marketing services these needs through their offering of the M.Trim range of laminate trims.

These trims include the “T”-section expansion designed to be used between same-level floors. Kirk’s transition trims need to be installed between floors of different thicknesses and up to a 6mm height difference. In turn, their finishing trims need to be installed between floors with larger height differences of up to 10mm, such as a laminate floor and a screed. Lastly, Kirk’s end trims are advised for use against cupboards, walls, sliding doors and existing skirtings.

All the above trims allow for roughly 8mm of movement and can be used on wooden and bamboo floors, as well as on Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Thicker floors get fitted with different bases, allowing flooring from 6mm to 14mm to be fitted using Kirk’s M.Trim range of laminate trims.

In addition to these, Kirk Marketing also offers trims such as retrofit nosings used on staircases, which complement their laminate trim range. Kirk Marketing prides itself on its laminate finishing products and always endeavours to find a suitable solution to every challenge or need.

Please contact the nearest Kirk branch for expert assistance or samples on your laminate finishing requirements. www.kirk.co.za.