Trimmed to perfection

by Darren
Kirk trimmed Jnl 1 15

Company introduces a catalogue filled with the latest developments in trims that are innovative yet functional.

After 12 years of the M.Trim brand competing with international players, this product range has proven itself as one of the key ranges that has made its mark within South Africa as a brand for tile, carpet and laminate trims.

M.Trim is supplied by Kirk Marketing, which has been operating since 2002. Because Europe is considered a leader with regard to trims, Marketing Director Michael Kirkland has been travelling to Europe for the past 12 years to ensure that M.Trim stays up to date and in line with trends in European countries.

In September 2014, Kirk Marketing launched its latest 48-page M.trim catalogue, which introduces the latest range of exciting products, including Patterned Stainless Steel, Aluminium Powder-coated trims, Aluminium-foiled trims, LVT trims, Heavy-Duty Aluminium Screw fix covers, and Contractor’s Stairnosings, to name a few.

In the coming year, Kirk Marketing aims to expand its M.Trim range even further by introducing fresh, innovative and decorative products that are also functional due to the implementation of inventive technology. The aim is for these to complement the flooring products being used in the industry today.

Kirk Marketing are also proud of the fact that they are able to provide stainless steel products that are custom designed for professional requirements within a two-to-three-week lead time to produce bespoke, stainless products that yield exceptional, long-lasting performance.

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