Have you checked out the Carpet Brokers Facebook page recently? The company imports Kaindl wood laminates and is showcasing some of the innovative, jaw-droppingly gorgeous floors on its Facebook page throughout February and March.

Mario Vermeulen, Carpet Brokers Marketing & Procurement Manager, says Kaindl’s ethos, European company culture, and history in the market makes it a good fit for Carpet Brokers as sole distributor of the product.

“Kaindl was established in the small Austrian town of Salzburg 122 years ago. They are considered a world leader in wood laminates manufacturing , with 94% of their total production dedicated to the export market. They produce around 60-million square metres annually and most of their products come with a 30 year guarantee,” says Mario.

Kaindl has three main pillars: board manufacturing for kitchen cupboards, countertops and other interior furniture items, laminate wood floors, and their idea generating factory assisting architects and designers. The company is a catalyst to new trends in the market. Mario says their take on creating new natural looking products for the ever-changing market is what appealed to him.

Get some Kaindl inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufTqGffSPNc

“Kaindl discovers new things every day, whether it is in art, in architecture, or in nature itself. Nature is the source of their inspiration, which means they have an ever-flowing font of ideas. There is always more inspiration if one is guided by nature. The Kaindl range helps designers go beyond the average,” says Mario.

With Kaindl’s boards and floors being imported to South Africa, designers and specifiers can create spaces where a client’s kitchen cupboards, bedroom furniture and worktops have accompanying designs on the floor.

“There are over 1000 décor colours to choose from and we have a unique and selective Kaindl range in store. If you are looking for something different, visit the Kaindl website, we can engage with the factory in Austria directly, request samples, submit orders, and manage your experience with the brand. Our team has dedicated Kaindl product managers who will communicate with you regarding everything from pricing to delivery. Email kaindl@carpetbrokers.co.za to speak to a dedicated representative today,” says Mario.

Some of the unique designs that clients can look forward to include an interesting “fishbone design”, “Evoke Oak”, which is natural looking oak floor with deep embossed lines, and an “end grain” flooring product, where you can see the end grains (the circles that generally indicate how old a tree is) from atop. High gloss floor finish are also available for a more dramatic look.
“The uniqueness of the Kaindl range is hard to put into words. Be sure to follow us on Facebook @kaindlsa,” adds Mario.

Who is Carpet Brokers?
Carpet Brokers (Pty) Ltd has been supplying the ever-changing flooring market with conventional and innovative products for the past 40 years. The company has a strong Gauteng and surrounding area customer base of about 450+ companies. It is also represented in Cape Town delivering all the way into the Eastern Cape for strategic customers.

While there are a handful of other flooring wholesalers in the market, Carpet Brokers is the biggest privately owned and operated wholesaler in South Africa. The company is also a wholesale manufacturing representative for the flooring trade, stocking a wide variety of soft flooring ranges for commercial and residential applications.In not only stocking Kaindl Wood laminate flooring products but also the latest in Vinyl technology and innovation via their Leno Brand, that holds the latest Luxury Vinyl Plank deigns to high-end commercial vinyl sheeting . Carpet Brokers is surely the place you will find what you are looking for.

For more information, contact Carpet Brokers on Tel: +27 (11) 613 7311 or via www.carpetbrokers.co.za