Trends in carpets & carpet tiles

by Tania Wannenburg
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All the latest trends in carpets and carpet tiles.

FLOORS in Africa’s Managing Editor, Liezel van der Merwe and Editor, Roxanne Mancini, attended DOMOTEX Hannover and returned with all the latest trends in floorcoverings, and this article, together with research found globally, will explore their findings with regards to carpets and carpet tiles.

Trendy colours
2014/2015 Will see the rediscovery of natural materials and the natural look, sophisticated minimalism and a sensuous opulence. Industry experts, who revealed their trends for 2014 based on data compilation from sales trends and insights, have highlighted that these less saturated hues will result in a look that is more liveable and offers longevity.

With regards to colour in carpets, pale grey in all its different tones and shades is promoted to become a key colour for interior designers to work with, teamed with greyish olive tones, grey-beige tints and cream. Large areas can be enlivened by subtly iridescent colour effects while black and white will keep things contained with straight lines and borders. They are often teamed with softer colours, namely nude or pale pink. More intense and vibrant colours can be incorporated such as cyclamen, red or lemon yellow.

Further trends released by industry specialists adds that one must look for coral, poppy and sienna to pair beautifully with aqua, teal and turquoise with warm neutrals making for an earthy palette and shades of spice and orange giving new life to the red, brown and gold palettes. As grey has become warmer and more neutral, it pairs beautifully with buttery gold, coral, indigo and aqua. Non-acidic greens such as jade and mint are very important as are berry-inspired reds and purples.

Strong colours derived from precious stones and metals, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, amethyst violet and gold yellow, underline the theme of opulence, but are sometimes toned down for an old and faded look. Once again, as already noted, to offset all this richness, variants in natural black or other achromatic colours can be selected.

DOMOTEX Hannover showcased several unique carpeting colour trends and designs that incorporate technological advances. For example, one specific carpet demonstrated a new printing technology with over 65 000 colour options that provides countless ways to design a customised floor. Another carpet on show was comprised of two-height artificial turf with a polychrome appearance. It uses two different pile heights in different shades that are processed together to produce an iridescent play of colours.

Pattern varieties
New manufacturing techniques have brought an exciting collection of patterned carpets. This includes highly textured carpets using different loop and tuft length to create two-dimensional multi-levelled carpeting designs.  The wide variety of patterns includes checks, circles, ornamental motifs, tendrils and foliage, flowers and animal motifs, inspired by our own culture, but also by the cultures of other civilizations. Sometimes these motifs are repeated to form an all-over pattern, sometimes they form a playful patchwork, and sometimes they are enlarged to form the centre-piece of the design.

Patterns also frequently draw on traditional decorative motifs, but combined with contemporary elements. With its great love of pattern and ornament, the period spanning the Belle Époque and Art Déco serves as a rich source of inspiration. Many carpet designs are also inspired by the world of art, and their intricate floral motifs often recall the works of old masters.

According to industry findings, patterned carpets will become increasingly popular. These patterned floors are not printed, multi-coloured patterns, but rather patterns created through the manufacturing process and the way the carpet is tufted. Vine patterns and squares are two of the more popular patterns.

The usage of stripes may be narrow and sharply defined, or sprawling, irregular, and with blurred edges. Cool digital prints and straight-lined lettering reference the contemporary design idiom. Functional purists go for patterns inspired by our high-tech electronic world, such as representations of Internet pathways.

DOMOTEX Hannover also highlighted carpet tiles of various shapes and sizes to meet the growing need for creative freedom. These various sizes can be used in conjunction with carpet tiles of either larger or smaller sizes to form a combination carpet tile with the aim of fulfilling a certain design need or request. Using different shapes and sizes creates diversity and fulfils a client’s customised requests. This fair also revealed how carpeting is infiltrating other flooring types, such as installing carpets on top of composite decking, creating what could be referred to as an outdoor carpet tile.

The exciting combination of colour combined with pattern and texture, varying shapes and sizes as well as incorporating clever manufacturing techniques and the latest technologies, carpets and carpet tiles have proven themselves to be at the forefront in terms of innovation.

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