Traviloc XL – RCB interlocking vinyl flooring

by Ofentse Sefolo
Traviloc XL – RCB interlocking vinyl flooring

Traviata Flooring’s “Traviloc” brand has become known as one of the leading interlocking LVT flooring technologies in the world. The brand’s Ceramic Bead enhanced wear layer, which protects against scuffs and abrasions, as well as being totally waterproof, continues to set it apart from the competition.

Traviloc’s latest product is the “XL-RCB”. The RCB stands for Rigid Core Board, which offers exceptional dimensional stability to the extent that it is now possible to install up to 400m² of the flooring without the need for unsightly expansion profiles. It is available in the popular extra-long and extra-wide plank format and its high definition visuals and rich surface textures make it the ideal solution for future-focused commercial spaces.

The XL-RCB provides for a quiet in-room environment thanks to its pre-attached, premium quality sound mitigating underlay. For multi-level construction, typical of office or hotel accommodation, there is the added benefit of a significant reduction in floor to floor noise transfer. It can be fitted over almost any firm surface and the rigid lightweight nature of the boards means no telegraphing of minor substrate imperfections.

The product can also be laid on top of existing tiles for refurbishment work. Speed of installation is greatly enhanced by the “drop lock” technology used on the short end joints. Income generating spaces such as shops, offices or hotel rooms can quite literally be upgraded overnight and be back in service the following day.

Traviloc continues to be specified for an increasing number of high profile projects. The beauty of hardwood, the durability of LVT, superior stain, fade and wear resistance and ease of maintenance make Traviloc RCB ideal for all Hospitality, Corporate, Retail, Educational, Medical and Residential environments.

For more information, contact Traviata on Tel: +27 (11) 453 0296 or via www.traviata.co.za.

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