Transforming tyres

An innovative partnership between Mathe Group, Van Dyck, Witon Flooring (Chemicals) and The Flooring Connection/InstaFloor UK (TFC) is making its mark on the sustainable building materials market. Together these brands transform used tyres into rubber crumb, which is then recycled into an acoustic underlay. 

Tread to crumb 

A leader in the recycling industry, Mathe Group transforms radial truck tyres, a challenging waste material, into high-quality recycled rubber crumb. This process not only diverts waste from landfills, but also contributes significantly to the conservation of natural resources. 

Crumb to underlay 

Transforming tyres

The collaboration transforms radial truck tyres into rubberlay acoustic underlays for the flooring market.

Van Dyck, a renowned name in the flooring industry, recycles the rubber crumb, using it to manufacture superior rubber underlay. This product exemplifies the pinnacle of recycling technology, turning potential waste into a valuable commodity. 

The rubber underlay produced by Van Dyck and represented by Witon Flooring (Chemicals) and TFC, offers unparalleled durability, acoustic insulation and comfort, enhancing the lifecycle of flooring materials laid above it. 

Circular economy 

This collaboration between Mathe Group, Van Dyck, Witon Flooring (Chemicals) and TFC exemplifies a successful circular economy model. By converting waste into a resource, Mathe Group and Van Dyck are addressing critical environmental issues such as waste reduction and resource scarcity, while simultaneously contributing to the green building movement. 

The distributors of the acoustic underlays, Witon Flooring (Chemicals) and TFC, are also committed to supporting the green building movement. 

Transforming tyres

The recycled RubberLay provides an acoustic solution that can be placed on slabs and then covered with a screed before installation of the final floor covering.

Sustainability goals 

The rubber underlay this collaboration produces and distributes, is a testament to what can be achieved when companies come together with a shared vision. Their efforts underscore the importance of innovative recycling technologies and partnerships that achieve sustainability goals. 

Furthermore, this initiative not only provides a practical solution for a pressing environmental problem, but also offers a model for sustainable business practices worldwide. 

A collaboration initiative that transforms tyres into acoustic rubber underlay, embraces the circular economy and sustainability goals for the four companies involved. 


For more information, contact The Flooring Connection/InstaFloor UK: 

Tel: +27 82 834 7377 


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