Transforming the old, introducing the new

by Darren
Technical Finishes Jnl 5 15

New products are unveiled while older products are updated and shared with flooring experts around the country.

Several industrial flooring products were recently launched in KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Town and Johannesburg, by the Technical Finishes teams during May and June.

The launches enabled Technical Finishes to share with their specialist applicators the improvements that have taken place with regard to older products, while concurrently introducing them to an exciting range of new, more advanced products and, ultimately, project ranges.

Technical Finishes offers a full range of Epoxy, Polyurethane and Vinyl Ester systems. These systems offer a wide range of properties, including chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, abrasion resistance and aesthetics. Their Polyscreed PU Range, previously branded as Pumadur, also provides antimicrobial resistance with silver ion technology.

This range includes the following products:

•    Polyscreed SL – A 2-3mm polyurethane self-levelling screed with a matt finish and excellent chemical resistance.
•    Polyscreed MD – A 4mm medium-duty polyurethane self-levelling screed for demanding environments.
•    Polyscreed RT – A 5-6mm easy-to-apply, “rake and trowel” polyurethane screed for heavy-duty applications.
•    Polyscreed HF – A 6-9mm heavy-duty, slip-resistant, hand-trowelled polyurethane screed for wet Food & Beverage process areas.
•    Polyscreed WR – A 3-6mm polyurethane wall render for covings and vertical applications.
•    Polyscreed UT – An ultra-tough polyurethane slip resistant screed textured to a profile suitable for wet and slippery environments.
•    Polyscreed Lockcoat – A polyurethane sealer coat for WR or rejuvenation of Polyscreed screeds.

The company distinguishes itself by its ability to develop new technology and to combine it with active technical service and support to its customers. Their highly qualified chemists, who combined offer over 65years experience within the group, have been instrumental in remaining innovative in their field of corrosion and concrete protection, an additional focus to their already primary focus on flooring.

One of Technical Finishes’ new product launches is their Polyscreed GHF Terrazzo range, which is a heavy-duty, flow-applied polyurethane topping based on a water-dispersed, liquid polyurethane resin system that incorporates antimicrobial silver ion protection, as noted above. It is a textured, smooth aggregate surface of uniform colour designed for excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggressions.

It is easy to clean and sanitise due to its seamless flooring application; is heat-resistant to 80°C; offers high chemical-, abrasion- and impact resistance; while providing a non-slip terrazzo finish that is solvent-free. This system is used in areas where aesthetics are key to any project.

Two other new products are Solidflow Quartz and Solidflow Impact SL. Solidflow Quartz is a decorative, solvent-free, self-levelling epoxy system applied at a nominal thickness of 2mm. It exhibits a speckled quartz finish with superior abrasion and chemical resistance on concrete floors and creates a hygienic, smooth and attractive finish. In turn, Solidflow Impact SL is a self-levelling 1-2mm polyurethane with crack-bridging capabilities that is also ideal for cold rooms and suspended floors subject to vibration and movement.

All of these products are manufactured in Johannesburg and as Sue Eagleton from Technical Finishes states, “we provide solutions and systems for our clients.” These products make it easy to colour-match the floor with its interior surroundings, while at the same time offering a fast turnaround time. In fact, specifications are a big driving factor for Technical Finishes this year.

Technical Finishes’ advanced and highlighted products open up new opportunities for them. Their position within the industry is reinforced because of their innovative approach and drive to evolve and incorporate technological advancements into their products, and ultimately into the commercial flooring needs of their clients.

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