Training to protect the rights of building industry members

by Tania Wannenburg
Training to protect rights of building industry members

The Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC) will host a seminar in September & October.

The days of a simple handshake holding the various parties involved in a project accountable nowadays belong to a bygone era. In the building industry in particular, entering any contract – small or large – without a formal contract is a recipe for disaster, says Uwe Putlitz, CEO of the Joint Building Contracts Committee (JBCC).

“A building or construction contract is a binding agreement between the employer for the building project and the building contractor and sub-contractors responsible for carrying out the construction work,” explains Uwe. “JBCC has developed and authored a comprehensive suite of building contracts, meticulously drafted to comply with South African conditions and legislation as well as to ensure equitable distribution of contractual risk.”

JBCC is a non-profit company which represents building owners and developers, professional consultants, and general and specialist contractors who provide input for the compilation of JBCC documents that portray the consensus view of the constituent members. JBCC documents carry Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) approval.

JBCC will stage two seminars on the Principal Building Agreement and Nominated/Selected Subcontract agreement in Gauteng later this year. The seminars will be presented from 8am to 4.30pm on September 7 at the Johannesburg Country Club in Auckland Park, and October 25 at Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand. Delegates will earn a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point for attending the seminar.

The interactive seminars will deal with the various agreements and application of the contracts and supporting forms as a contract administration tool. The target audience includes principal agents, project managers, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, building contractors and subcontractors, employers, building owners and developers and procurement officers. It is also aimed at project finance providers and legal advisors.

The programme will cover various facets of contracts, the role and appointment of sub-contractors, the execution and completion of works, final accounts and payments, insurances, securities, suspension, termination, as well as dispute prevention and resolution.

For more information about the seminar phone 011 482 3102 or email info@jbcc.co.za.

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