Training for the Industry by the Industry

by Tania Wannenburg
FITA training for the industry Jnl 2 16

The Flooring Industry Training Association (FITA) is making their mark in the flooring industry, the lives of students & current fitters.

The Flooring Industry Training Association (FITA) has tackled the skills crisis in the flooring industry head on. At the launch in February 2014, the task facing FITA was of such magnitude, that there was no option but to put determination to succeed ahead of the challenges, and force a way through the mountain of negativity and mistrust.

The association is seeing incredible transformation and exciting developments taking place. In 2014, FITA committed to becoming the go-to platform for accredited training and registration of flooring installers in South Africa. FITA took a huge leap into unchartered waters and is now reaping the benefits.

One of FITA’s primary challenges was financing. Thankfully, the Construction Education Training Authority (CETA) provided FITA with over R1-million to invest in learnerships. FITA appointed Sparrow FET College in Sophiatown as their service provider, and once the paperwork was up-and-running, the process ran smoothly and efficiently.

FITA is delighted to advise that there are currently 128 men and women, between the ages of 18 to 60+, in Gauteng who are proud holders of a National Certificate. Belgotex Floors has committed to funding a substantial number of learnerships in Cape Town commencing July 2016.

CETA also provided project finanace of R525 000 in order to ensure that RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) became a reality, and addressed  the lack of accreditation of established carpet fitters who have worked in the industry for a number of years. FITA has appointed Tjeka Training Matters as their RPL training provider, and many flooring contractors have taken advantage of the opportunity to have their floor laying staff and sub-contractors accredited at no cost. CETA’s generous offer expires on 27 March 2016 but there is still time to apply for accreditation via the RPL process

For those who may miss this opportunity, FITA is confident that they will secure further funding to continue with the RPL accreditation of experienced floor fitters.

Manufacturers and contractors are urged to get involved going forward and to play an active role in ensuring that the fitters of tomorrow are trained and skilled to industry standards.

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