Modern surface mines require employees with a good education foundation, which can be continuously advanced through on-the-job vocational training to improve the performance of the operation. The chances of success for a mine are greatly enhanced with qualified, up-to-date personnel managing and operating every aspect of the mine.

Aspasa is actively assisting the industry with its training aimed at ongoing development of workers within the industry. “Traditionally, initial education has formed part of the induction process and is when trainees are given a feel for the industry and for their employer. In addition, they are given sufficient technical knowledge to grasp the complexities of the surface mining process and to monitor and control the use of the plant,” says Nico Pienaar, director of Apasa.

“Trainees may also receive training on management techniques to assist in supervision. Other priority training areas include the knowledge of hazards in the industry, the organisation of safety within the unit and some environmental training. Continuing education, however, is a different matter and must provide input in keeping with the national concerns and the mine’s own operational and technical needs,” says Nico.

Technical issues relating to blasting, crushing, equipment, in-pit best practices and road transport are among the training courses offered to improve the effectiveness of member operations. Experienced, hand-picked industry professionals drill down into issues relating to the safe, sustainable and profitable operations of the mine. Apasa’s courses also assist members with compliance issues and dovetail with the association’s two audit programmes, which cover health and safety, as well as environmental standards.

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