The 39th Cersaie show was recently held in the Bologna Exhibition Centre, Italy. Attendance surpassed with an impressive 90 000 people – despite the setback during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and inflated energy costs impacting the profitability and competitive value of tile production across Europe. The styling and creative realism at the exhibition continued to push the boundaries of fashion.

New tile products

Cersaie 2022 introduced several new tile products from European manufacturers, with the main theme being nature with earthy hues and warm tones in variations of greens, tans and browns. Large-scale slabs to small mini bricks and pavers in different formats, natural stone and marble are leading the current trends.

Handcrafted looks, along with the astonishing advancements in digital printing, create the most beautiful natural-looking walls and floors. It also integrates with usage on countertops, cabinet doors and durable furniture.

Some of the popular styling trends were realistic onyx looks, advanced concrete visuals, floral/wallpaper designs and traditional terracotta looks. The combination of stone and wood is also trending.

New designs

  • Blending materials: Colour and texture are key in the new designs, with Italian manufacturers mixing glossy tiles alongside matte stone, creating contrasts such as the usage of wood and stone in one design. By blending colour and materials, a unique effect is created.
  • Au Naturale: Natural elements are by far the most popular, where earthy colours like traditional terracotta are used with soft pastels such as blues and pinks, especially in ceramic tiles.
  • Wallpapers galore: Italian manufacturers perfected the art of ceramic wallpaper with digitally printed slabs mimicking wallpaper trending with patterns of flowers, leaves, water and cloud patterns, to create the feel of nature inside your home. It is so versatile and can be applied from floor to ceiling.
  • Magnificent marble: Other trends include marble looks, with bold veins in colours of gold and violet, to terrazzo and pebble stone effects, which can be used to create a total design.
  • Back in time: Classic patterns from the 70s such as stripes, small mosaics and chequered patterns are making a revival.
  • Cocoon: As a durable and versatile material, Italian ceramic tile is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as exterior facades and kitchen countertops, creating a cocooned comforting atmosphere.

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to Cristina Faedi for the information in this editorial.

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