Top tips to sealing hardwood floors

by Ofentse Sefolo
Top tips to sealing hardwood floors

Applying a hardwood floor sealant can be a great way to prolong the life of your hardwood floor. When you have a hardwood finished on-site, it requires re-coating periodically. This helps to prevent damage and wear and tear to the hardwood floor.

Here are some tips regarding preparation of hardwood floors for sealing, application of a floor sealer and care of the floor:

1. Floor preparation and sealant application
Careful preparation and following the sealant application instructions are necessary to ensure a good end result. Woodoc recommends:
• Sanding the floor with an industrial floor sander to as fine a finish as possible.
• Once you are happy with the sanding, wipe the floor very thoroughly with mineral turpentine to remove all dust and any old wax or oil that may have been brought to the surface during the sanding.
• NEVER wash the floor with water.
• When the floor is clean and dry, apply three liberal coats of undiluted Woodoc 25 or Woodoc Water-Borne FLOOR with a good-quality brush, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the subsequent coat.

2. Maintaining a lasting finish
First and most importantly, never wash the floor with water and avoid using detergent as this will result in a dull floor. Water could penetrate between the blocks or planks causing swelling of the wood and may “pop” the blocks out or warp and cup the planks. Under normal circumstances, it should be sufficient to sweep the floor with a soft broom to keep it clean.
• Any dirty or sticky spots may be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.
• From time to time, sparingly apply a liquid wax like Woodoc Deep Penetrating Furniture Wax and buff the floor.
• It is always a good idea to put felt or something similar beneath chair- and table legs to prevent scratching of the floor.
• Any scratches can be “fixed” by lightly sanding over the scratch with steel wool dipped in Woodoc Deep Penetrating Furniture Wax.
• A deep scratch or gouge can be fixed by deeper sanding to remove the scratch and “patching” the area with a coat or two of Woodoc 25 or Woodoc Water-Borne FLOOR, depending on which sealer was used to seal the floor originally.

How wood sealers work

Woodoc Sealers work by first penetrating deep into the wood to form a sealed layer. The product that penetrates the wood (the first coat) serves as a foundation upon which the final coats build to protect the surface. The surface film thickness on the wood determines the level of protection against scratching and scuffing. For this system to work effectively, one must ensure that sufficient product is applied during the first application to completely saturate the wood. The second and third coats then build up to form a protective surface film.

Caring for a hardwood floor is simple when using the right products.

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