Top six cement flooring trends

by Darren
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Top six cement flooring trends to look out for in 2016.

In architecture, trends create moods for the industry and determine how personal space may influence daily lifestyles. Here are six cement flooring trends in 2016 identified by Cemcrete:

1.    Open concept
Instead of traditional rooms, there are now implied spaces and rooms that are visually connected. Cement flooring works perfectly in open spaces as the same finish can be used throughout all spaces and there are no grout lines that hinder the visual flow in an open space.

2.    Interiors & exteriors become one
What was usually a clear defined line, or wall, is now blurred. Homeowners want the exterior to be just as important as the interior living spaces. Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener is the ideal floor finish to create continuation from the indoor to outdoor spaces.

3.    Add artisan flair
More designers are discovering that decorative cement is anything but cookie-cutter. Cemcrete flooring is hand applied and what adds to the unique aspect of this product is that each hand has its own technique and character.

4.    Health conscious design
Sustainability and energy conservation are no longer niche concerns but factor prominently in the design decisions of many clients. Cement finishes use natural materials, are long lasting and can be recycled and repurposed – all the characteristics today’s specifiers look for when choosing materials.

5.    Lifecycle performance vs initial cost
Traditionally, upfront cost has driven flooring decisions, however, lifecycle performance should be given the most emphasis, especially in environments that have to deal with the burdens of maintenance and durability.

6.    New colour range
Cemcrete will be launching a new coffee inspired range of Colour Hardener colours in 2016. Have a look at their new range, Espresso, Chai Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha Java, House Blend and Vanilla Bean, available from March 2016.

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