DAS CPD in Durban

Welcoming the Durban architectural community to this year’s DAS event, the Media in Africa Group team was delighted to see many familiar faces and also many new delegates attending their first DAS.  

Comments from attendees: 

  • Event was fab! 
  • Great workshop and event – well done! 
  • How would you rate the event? “100%!” 
  • Fantastic Conference as usual! I always look forward to it! 
  • It was a good event as always! 
  • Well presented & product displays were excellent! 

They were sharing knowledge, networking and getting an industry update all in one day.  

Kevin Bingham and Janine Helen Sahd,

of Durban-based FGG Architects started the day’s agenda with a discussion of Angel’s Care Preschool. This pro-bono project was designed in association with Nero Holt Architects, which is based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Richard Stretton of Koop Design,

was delving into the design and construction of a modern timber framed building. His passion for the topic and material was evident. “If you think a building is beautiful in construction, then know that a timber structure in construction is really beautiful!” 

Nathan Iyer of Iyer,

showcased the Moka smart city development in Mauritius. This is one of four smart cities on the island, where Iyer is the lead designer. “A smart city is beyond technology, it’s about people.” 

George Elphick and Greg Gordge of Elphick Proome Architects,

shared some of their built projects, spanning seven African countries. “It takes lots of grit to find opportunities in continental Africa.” Working offshore and in continental Africa is not for the faint of heart.

Mark Bellingan,

shared a whimsical project in his presentation titled “James Bond, a deck chair and the conversation that led to the Folley”. Although small, the Folley is packed full of functionality and delivers a surprising secret garden.  

Ending the day, was Linus Naik of Green Gap Consulting.

He discussed the importance of waste in green buildings, waste in terms of ESGs, a circular economy and no waste to landfill (net-zero waste). “The removal of organic waste from other waste is important, as it pollutes the recyclable items.”  


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