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by Tania Wannenburg
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A pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial boldness are at the heart of Belgotex Floorcoverings.

From humble beginnings as Natal Nylon Industries in 1983 to a member of the multi-national Belgotex International Group with seven companies spread over four continents, Belgotex Floorcoverings has developed a reputation for innovation.

Spearheaded by the maverick leadership and intuitive business acumen of its Founder and Chairman, Stephan Colle, the company has developed into one of the leading soft flooring manufacturers in Africa.

This appetite for excellence and advancement has become the hallmark of the Belgotex Floorcovering brand today. “Innovation is part of our DNA and we aim to be the first to introduce the latest flooring technology,” states Frank Moffat, Chief Executive. “We stay abreast of international trends and developments and capitalise on the production capabilities of our machines, constantly exploring new production processes and developing new product ranges.”

He goes on to say that their mission is to lead by design and be the first to introduce the latest flooring technology. “In fact, our planned strategy demands it!” highlights Frank. “As market leaders, we have established and grown our market share through technological innovation – always aiming to be the ‘first to market’ with the latest fibre and manufacturing technology, while specialising in what we term ‘technical marketing’.”

Striving for a legacy of firsts is a distinguishable factor when turning to Belgotex Floorcoverings as opposed to other industry players. “Whether it’s greater comfort and convenience, stain resistance, new design capabilities or improved operational efficiency, health benefits or eco-friendliness, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to improve and even rethink our product and service offerings,” concludes Frank.

Name: Belgotex Floorcoverings (Pty) Ltd
Category: Carpeting, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber.
Location: 20 Chesterfield Road, Willowton, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Contact Details: (033) 897 7500, belgotex@carpet.co.za, www.belgotex.co.za

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