Top colour trends for 2021 – how colour preferences change

by Ofentse Sefolo
Top colour trends for 2021 – how colour preferences change

Natural Colour System®© (NCS) Interior Colour Trends 2021+ is a unique report on colour trends for the years’ ahead.

It was developed by internationally renowned colour experts in collaboration with the team at NCS Colour, who have been working with premium brands passionate about colour for the past 40 years.

The NCS – Natural Colour System®© is used globally for colour communication and is scientifically based on how we perceive colours visually, notes Lisa Taylor, SA’s NCS colour expert.

Any surface colour can be described with a NCS Notation, and the NCS System is currently the national colour standard in Norway, Spain, South Africa and Sweden. NCS and the NCS Notations are used in countless standards and instructions for accurate colour specification.

Covid has resulted in many people working from home which has led to a marked increase in DIY-office designers who want to make the most of their home offices.

“It is no wonder that one of the most googled phrases in 2020 has been colour trends for home offices,” notes Lisa.

This special edition focuses on global Interior Colour Trends. Join us for a look into what will be trending in colour for 2021.


The sweet and tender room

This is a comforting trend where we escape reality into a room that is sweet and tender. The colours are a combination of soft pastels and white, enhanced with a deep and dark blue accent.
• Mint green has risen to become trendy. It is a perfect wall colour, not too light and not too chromatic. The colour gives the room a clear personality without becoming too intense.
• Purple pastel makes the room light and relaxing. It is a bluish purple that is suitable for a bedroom or any space where we want to feel relaxed. A tint of red gives the colour warmth.

Virtual Relativity trends are inspired by words such as comfort, tender, relief and sweet.

Trend #2 BIO-DEPTH
The mystic, elegant and embracing room

This room emits a feeling of mysticism, luxury and elegance. The colour mood of this trend is about submerging into a mystic world, finding comfort in the darkness. The colours are a combination of both dark and lighter shades.

To create this colour mood, the light colours are used as accents and spot colours, while the dark colours dominate on greater areas.

• A mystic and relaxing deep and dark green colour gives the room a soothing and elegant feeling.
• A spiritual and striking dark purple evokes a further feeling of power and luxury.

The deep and dark colours in this trend can be used separately on walls or combined to create an elegant and dynamic room.

Trend #3 SEEDS
The room going back to our roots

This room is for those who want to be trendy and bold. The colours are natural but strong, exactly what our folklore represents. This creates a feeling of being proud of who we are and where we come from. The yellow and the green wall colours are very different in nuance and hue, but similar in yellowness. This contrast makes the room come to life.

• After not being used as an interior colour for many years, we now welcome this chromatic, slightly reddish, vibrant yellow colour back into our rooms. When using this colour, you are making a statement of boldness and pride.
• Yellowish green brings nature into our room. The colour reflects the love of life and spaces that reconnect us to nature. This green shade inspires us, boosts our productivity and contributes to a stronger sense of well-being.

When you combine these colours with light yellow and light pink on details such as cushions or similar, the room becomes instantly balanced and elegant.

Lisa Taylor notes:
The grey colour is tinted in both yellow and green and goes very well together with the two wall colours of this trend. It is a perfect colour to frame the walls and for windows, doors etc.

Trend #4 HONESTY
The room of human warmth

This is a very warm trend. Brown shades are important in our lives today as they give us tranquillity and assurance.

These wall colours have yellow, red mid tones, one lighter than the other. None of them are perceived as noticeably light or very dark. All the colours in this group are similar in hue which makes the colours comforting and harmonising.

• A warm, brownish earth tone gives a comforting and embracing feeling and gives the room warmth.
• Brown shades add both warmth and light.

The contrast of chromaticness together with a similarity in hue has a stylish effect.

Lisa notes, “Colour is more than just what we see, colour truly is psychology. We have seen more use of the earthy cocooning colours and soft muted shades but more than anything, people want inspiration and advice on colour trends.”

Important to note, as NCS Sweden has made the annual report freely available to NCS licensees in South Africa.

For more information, contact Lisa Taylor NCS Colour Centre SA:
Tel: +27 08 900 7909
E-mail: lisa@ncscolour.co.za
Website: www.ncscolour.co.za

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