As part of its comprehensive set of consumer benefits, Top Carpets and Floors (TCF) has introduced a new payment option for its clients called Float. Floors spoke to the sales director, Jan Hofmeyr, to learn more.

“The company felt there was a need for a credit facility that is affordable yet easy for both stores and customers. From the outset, if was clear that the Float credit system offered what TCF was looking for,” says Hofmeyr.

Tailormade solution

Hofmeyr explains the beauty of the Float system is that it offers a tailormade solution, where each store has a unique QR code guiding the customers to the specific TCF outlet’s Float portal. “In our first month of going live, three TCF stores had already successfully completed a Float transaction,” confirms Hofmeyr.

How does it work?

Float allows shoppers to buy now and pay later in interest-free, fee-free monthly instalments, using the limit on an existing credit card. Transactions are done via the Float portal in a similar way to any other online transaction.

At the time of purchase, Float temporarily “reserves” the full amount on the shopper’s credit card, but only charges the first interest-free instalment. The remaining instalments are charged on the same day each month, triggering a new temporary “reserve” for the outstanding balance until the purchase is completely repaid, interest-free.

Hofmeyr explains that customers do not have to Float the full invoice amount. If they have saved R40 000 and the quoted goods cost R50 000, they can Float the shortfall over two, three or four months.

Ideal for retailers

A retailer will lose business when the customer does not have enough funds, either leaving the store or purchasing a cheaper option. Similarly, a cash-strapped customer placing an insurance claim may not have funds available for the excess amount owed to the flooring supplier. With Float this can be paid over four months, interest-free, removing stress on their budget and getting their home back to normal sooner.

“We believe that our Float credit option is yet another differentiator in our business, allowing customers to buy the floor or product they really wanted and set their heart on,” concludes Hofmeyr.

Issue: How to offer an affordable credit option to customers.
Solution: Tailormade solutions from Float provide easy, interest-free credit for retailers.

For more information, contact Top Carpets and Floors:
Tel: +27 87 2366 304

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