Top 10 product displays at Coverings 2019

by Zuerita
Top 10 product displays at Coverings 2019

Coverings is one of the largest ceramic tile and natural stone trade fairs and expos in the United States of America (USA). It features exhibitors from over 40 countries and is the stage for introducing some of the most innovative tile and stone products in the world.

Here we list ten of the exhibitors who displayed products that aim to transform the industry:


“Fractured Fantasies” (Pictured above)
Trish Metzner & Oscar Sosa
Philadelphia, PA

What this representation achieved with the usage of mosaics, is phenomenal and proves once again what can be achieved when creativity is combined with innovation. It comes as no surprise that this project was awarded with a special recognition. The attention to detail, combined with the bright colour selection, truly makes this an inspirational piece of art.

Namibia by Lunada Bay Tile

Namibia is a three-dimensional ceramic tile collection which incorporates a special hand-sculpting technique to create tiles that are truly one of a kind. Every tile is created by hand and no tiles are the same. The undulating patterns come in four formats that engage a sense of adventure and rejuvenation — like the discovery of a hidden oasis.

Marmoreal by Onix

Original coloured veins on a white contemporary marble. Pure elegance with chromatic splashes of ochers, blues, greens, browns and greys that stand out due to a refined shiny finish. There are premium blends of special pieces with lush tones conceived in 24K gold and metallic finishes over a marble base.

Brooklyn by Vitromex

Vitromex USA has expanded its popular Brooklyn ceramic wall tile collection with the best features of glossy subway tiles by adding colours: Ash, Ebony, Cloud and Oyster. A truly unique classic, there are endless patterns, arrangements and design choices. Each piece is manufactured using an undulated punch, giving it unmatched depth, variation and subtle texture. Offered in multiple colours, mixed together or individually, to style any space and take upcoming projects to the next level. Vitromex USA pushes the capacity of its popular Brooklyn ceramic tile series with a 7 x 25 cm wall and 7 x 25 cm bullnose format in every colour to complete an installation.

Metal and 11 by 11 Matrix by Keros

30 x 91 cm Metallic Series and different decors and 28 x 28 cm 3D Decors. The 3D look and feel creates texturized aesthetics and almost brings the wall to life. It’s not just a flat metallic surface, but it adds character to any environment and almost serves as an interior décor piece.

Concrestrip by a Cimenteira do Louro

These concrete wall tiles are ideal for separating rooms and even serving as an art piece, due to the selection of colour combinations. Concrete remains a popular choice as it is cost effective and enables one to create an array of visual aesthetics. If treated properly, one may never know that these are indeed concrete wall tiles.

Gaudi Hex black porcelain floor and wall tiles by Somertile

Inspired by Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, the SomerTile Gaudi Hex Black Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles are enlarged hexagons that have three different textured designs. They are both unique and one of a kind, and if you take a closer look, you will most certainly appreciate the detail that has gone into every tile. It is this detail that makes the tile a beautiful installation that won’t lose its edge or date too soon.

Jeffrey Court by Norca – Europa Arte by Jeffrey Court

Europa Arte by Jeffrey Court

Chapter 8 is a diverse line of European-made ceramics and porcelains. The themes in this collection, Europa Arte, include an array of mediums: Clay, paints and textiles, as well as inspired artisans used to create their own masterpieces. Europa Arte, a ceramic and porcelain filed tile collection is sourced from Spain and Italy, and features two product offerings in each category with finishing pieces.

Finicibec Spa by Sassuolo – Shiny

This is one of the most comprehensive, rich and versatile offerings to be presented by Naxos in the last few years. A wide variety of solutions, colours and formats is available. The feature that makes Shiny so unique is its expressive quality, achieved using special metallised glazes and enhanced by the structure of the surfaces and the collection’s bright luminous colours.

Lea Ceramiche by Charlotte – Zoom

Zoom is the macro-representation of four patterns that reflect the organic nature of cement – Reef, Dry, Foam and Tide – carried to extremes through a vigorous and magnified stroke. The graphic motifs are proposed in the 60x60cm format, able to compose actual decorated carpets, as well as in the more classic 20x20cm format that reinterprets the traditional decorative shape of the cement tiles in a new way. Zoom supports the expansion of the range of the Concreto series, best seller of the company presented in 2018, which has now been enhanced with new thicknesses (10, 11 and 20mm), formats, textures and a further broad and varied decorative sign.

These looks are bound to transform and feel of any space they apply their products on.

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