Tips when comparing Aluminium Window and Door Systems Companies

by Zuerita
Tips when comparing Aluminium Window and Door Systems Companies

Ultimately you want clients to enjoy their beautiful doors and windows for years to come. Do enquire regarding the processes that are in place to ensure that all customers receive proper fabrication and installation. So that the quality of the final installed Alsysco product is not compromised. Alsysco are currently in the process of establishing an Accredited Fabricator List to ensure that reliable processes are in place for show room quality installations.

A) Understand the Process
There are three key processes to pass through before a product appears as a beautiful sliding door or window in a building.

1) Product Selection and Specification – Select and specify products fit for purpose.
2 Product Fabrication – This is the manufacturing process and assembly of the metal, glass and hardware components required for the product.
3) Installation – The physical act of installing the product into the building aperture.

These processes are often executed by different parties therefore it is critical to have all parties dedicated to a process that assures a quality end product experience.

B) Choose the correct product
Look for Aluminium Systems Companies with the following design and performance qualities;
• Innovative uncomplicated product design.
• Durable, efficient products designed for the local environment.
• Embraces the use of modern fabrication processes.
• Products are available in a range of modern popular powder coated colours.
• Products that compliment the building design and décor.
• Products that provide flexible solutions for building designs to enhance the use of natural light and ventilation.
• Only uses high quality extensively tested components and accessories.
• Secure and reliable locking mechanisms.
• Simple and affordable maintenance requirements.
• Supports a network of well-trained accredited fabricators and installers.

C) The Quality Assurance Process
Make sure that the proper process is adhered to;

• It is found that the majority of customer complaints with windows and doors are traced back to specification and installation.
• Therefore it is critical that the Aluminium Systems company has a quality assurance process in place to make sure that what a customer sees and experiences in a showroom, brochure, video, website or even another project matches the experience they have when they chose the same product for their home or building project.
• There are a large number of variables that can affect the quality of the final installation of Aluminium windows and doors. Steps have to be taken to mitigate the risks as much as possible.
• Often there is a “blame game” when something goes wrong, but fault often lies with multiple parties and the lack of communication between them.
• Ideally the Aluminium Systems company’s quality assurance system should assist and hold each stakeholder accountable for their role in the process of ensuring that the windows and doors in a building project complement and enhance the quality of the overall building project.

Choose Alsysco Aluminium Systems
With this in mind Architects have the unique position of influencing smart design concepts to clients. That is why reputable architects partner with visionary companies that manufacture high quality products. They choose Alsysco. When an architect designs a building it is an opportunity to leave their mark in a city, a legacy that will be appreciated not just by this generation but generations to come.

From beautifully designed sliding doors to highly advanced curtain walls, Alsysco is an INNOVATIVE Aluminium Systems Designer.

Our systems meet strict international standards and are designed for the African environment. We are constantly innovating to provide the latest solutions to customers from knowledgeable homeowners who require only the best high end products for their dream homes to large corporate developments that will not compromise on quality and performance.

Alsysco Systems are tested and approved in the marketplace. We are primarily focused on equipping our Accredited Fabricators with cutting edge product solutions to make your experience with every Alsysco system a pleasurable one.

Website www.alsysco.co.za

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