Read these tips to plan and execute a successful sales and marketing strategy this year.

If you want to see better results in 2017 than you had in 2016, then you are going to have to have to look proactively at your sales and marketing strategy. Here are a few tips to help you develop a sales and marketing strategy for the New Year.

Budget to achieve your sales and marketing goals
Sales and marketing campaigns and strategy require resources. Make sure you’ve allocated the right amount of resources both in terms of money and people to help you achieve your goals. The type of results you want to see will impact the amount of resources you will need to allocate to your strategy.

Carefully consider your ideal customer
Every flooring business starts out with a few ideas of their ideal customers and target audience, but this can change over time. Reflect on the people who buy from you and the people who you want to do business with this year and update your buying personas accordingly.

Gain insights into your buyer’s journey
Your contacts and potential customers are all at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Consider the type of information they will need at each touchpoint to progress to the next level of your sales funnel. You need to focus on informing and educating your customers so that they can be more empowered in their buying decisions.

Relook at your differentiators
What sets you apart from other companies in the industry? Get in touch with the companies that have been doing business with you for a while and ask them why they choose to partner with you.

Review your content and marketing collateral
Have you been using the same sales brochures for years? Perhaps you have PowerPoint presentations that can be repurposed into YouTube videos or SlideShare presentations, or case studies that can be rewritten into downloadable Whitepapers and articles. Review your existing content to see where you can be getting more mileage from the content that you have and determine what needs to be updated to reflect where your company is going.

Set measureable goals and track your progress
There’s no way to know if your marketing and sales strategy is on track if you aren’t setting measurable goals and tracking your progress. Make sure that people are accountable for various goals and targets. Set up regular meetings so that your progress can be reviewed and so that you can tweak your strategy where necessary.

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