Timeless tiles creating elegant roofs

by Zuerita
Timeless tiles creating elegant roofs

BMI Coverland’s Elite and Perspective concrete roof tiles create modern, timeless roofs that can add value, security and comfort to a development. These tile profiles balance contemporary aesthetics and traditional functionality, creating a fresh alternative to traditional profiles, and are more cost effective than other popular roof coverings on the market.

Willem Grové, marketing manager at BMI Coverland, says the Elite and Perspective roof tile profiles are masters of style and practicality, being true leaders in present-day construction. He says their design helps to develop a meticulously constructed long-lasting roof, where robustness and progressive elegance combine to provide shelter from any storm, while being the apple of the homeowner’s eye.

Originating from advanced technologies
“These tiles originate from new and advanced technologies in the manufacturing process of concrete roof tiles and are available in a variety of surface finishes and colours. Pair this with our RadenShield reflective underlay to keep your house cool in the summer. Our technologically advanced dry-ridge system ensures a neat, clean and lasting ridge and hip line,” says Grove.

These hard-wearing, versatile tiles are available in a variety of colours, with finishes including a single-shaded base colour throughout the tile, a through colour tile accentuated by a second colour and an enriched body colour without an additional coating. A premium coated finish is also available, with a double coating ensuring tiles have a rich vibrant appearance.

The Elite Slate Grey is a hard-wearing, robust tile that is progressively elegant.

Tested for global climates
BMI Coverland’s tiles and components are manufactured to the highest standards in technical refinement. With changing weather patterns causing more frequent and intense extreme weather events, their roofing products are tested in a wind tunnel, simulating wind and rain conditions found in climate zones worldwide.

Technical support
“Whether you are an installer, architect, project manager or maintenance contractor, we are here to guide and support you with your roof project – from design and installation to long-term care. We can help with technical advice, project meetings and site meetings throughout the construction process to ensure your roof project is a success,” says Grové.

Get in touch with BMI Coverland at info.sa@bmigroup.com and they will assist you with your roofing requirements.

BMI Coverland
Tel: 011 222 7300
Website: www.bmigroup.com/za


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